About Me

I work in the outdoor industry as a Mountaineering Instructor, Expedition Leader and planner as well as giving technical advice to clients from around the world; I've been working in the outdoor field for the last 25 years.

I've worked across the outdoor industry from National outdoor centres, Professional representative bodies, youth development projects and outdoor education centres. I'm currently the Head of Operations at Jagged Globe, an expedition company based in Sheffield offering climbing, trekking and skiing across the spiky bits of the world.

I have regularly professionally led mountaineering expeditions for the last 15 years to the greater ranges in particularly Nepal, India and South America.



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No rest for the wicked

...although the views are gurt lush.


A selection of digital memories.

Nature's cinema

Available to enjoy in surround-sound high definition 3D as standard.

Contact Me

Feel free contact me via e-mail at info@edchard.co.uk, although it may take time to respond if I'm hard at work exploring nature's playground.